Check out our Easy Fundraising page!

Help us to fundraise the easy way. How many of us shop online now days? Most of us I suspect if you are reading this via our website or a hand held device.

All you have to do is shop at your favourite online retailers, you receive your products, and Bala Town F.C. receives a few pence at no cost to you. The online retailers pay a small advertising commission to us in return for guiding our fans to their sites.

Follow these simple steps to join us in the fun way to raise funds;

1. Follow this link

2. Register your support for Friends of Bala Town Football Club.
You will be asked to provide an email address and to create a password for your account.

That is it you are registered.

3. You will then be asked if you want to download Find and Remind. Download it, it is brilliant, it reminds you when you go to an online retailer that will pay us money and you have forgotten to log in to your Bala Town FC Easyfundraising account.

Next time you shop, log in to your Bala Town FC/Easyfundraising account (or leave yourself permanently logged in), search for the retailer or item you wish to purchase, follow the link and purchase your goods. That´s how easy it is!

There are well over 2700 online retailers. You can view them in an A-Z format or by category (fashion, insurance, electrical etc.). You can purchase anything from house and car insurance to fashion and foreign currency, flights and holidays to garden equipment and pet supplies, the list is endless.

If you may belong to another club, charity or organisation that fundraises. Why not set up your own Easyfundraising account by following this link  the more groups there are using Easyfundraising the more retailers will pay and be prepared to join the scheme.