Here are the new revised rules for the competition and also included is the map of the 12 mile radius of Bala:


1 – The Bodwenni Bach Bragdy Cup is the property of Bala Town Football Club. It will be held for eleven months by the competition winners, who will be responsible for its safekeeping and returning the trophy in a satisfactory and clean condition. The competition winners shall be responsible for engraving the winning team name on the trophy in the appropriate type face.

2 – The competition will be run annually and is open to teams within a 10-mile radius of Maes Tegid, Bala.

3 – The entire control and management of the competition shall be vested in the Management Committee of Bala Town Football Club.

4 – Each team shall pay an entrance fee of £20.00 which is due when entering the competition. No team will be allowed to play unless the entry fee has been paid.

5 – Each team shall be constituted of a squad of fourteen persons – Eleven players and three substitutes – one of the substitutes may be a “League Player” and a team can substitute one “League Player” for another so as to have only 5 “League Players” on the field at any one time. Each Player must be 16 years old at the beginning of the competition.  No ladies are allowed to play in this competition as per FAW rules.  An official “team sheet” must be handed to the referee 15 minutes before kick-off time with the names included of all the squad nominated in the match. The League Players must be nominated on the team sheet.

6 – Each team shall have a maximum of five “League Players” on the field of play at any one time. If a “League Player” is sent off during the game then the team can only have 4 “League Players” on the pitch for the remainder of the game.

7 – The definition of a “League Player” is as follows: – A “League Player” is a person who has played 5 or more Senior League /Cup Matches, or Club Academy League / Cup Matches for the Under 19 age team, which are played under the control of the FAW rules and regulations, as at the date of the competition draw.

8 – Each squad shall be allowed no more than 3 persons living outside the 12-mile radius. The definition of “living” outside the 12-mile radius will be governed by that persons address on the Electoral Role. Any person living outside the 12-mile radius will be classed as a League player. If a “League player” who is classified as “living within the 12 mile radius rule” has been named on any Team sheet during the tournament, that player cannot then be replaced in the team by another “League Player” for the duration of the tournament.

9 – In all matches up to the semi-final, if the result is a draw at full-time, 10 minutes each half of extra time will be played, if following the completion of extra time the result is still a draw, the winner shall be determined by a series of penalty kicks – best of 5 kicks each team initially, then in the case of a draw, sudden death kicks. At semi-final stage if the match is a draw after 90 minutes there will be a replay, unless otherwise decided by Management Committee. If the replay ends in a draw then extra time and penalties will decide the winner.  The Final shall be 90 minutes, 10 minutes each half of extra time and penalties if required. Matches up to finals to last 35 minutes each half. Finals – 40 minutes each half. Semis and Final 45 minutes each half.

10 – A Player being sent-off: – (a) – For physical assaulting an official of Bala Town Football Club shall be banned from taking part in the competition for life and (b) For any other reason shall be banned for the rest of the competition.

11 – Any protest regarding a match must be lodged in writing to the Secretary within 24 hours of the conclusion of the match together with a £20.00 protest fee. The burden of proof lies with lodger of the protest. The protest fee is refundable if the protest is successful.

12 – No cancellation of matches is allowed.

13 – All Bragdy Cup matches will be played under the Rules of the 3G facility, with special emphasis on the FOOTWEAR REGULATIONS.

Pitch Rules
Use studded footwear only (no blades or flat soles)
Footwear should be clean and in good condition
No smoking / naked flames
No chewing gum
No food
No drinks (other than water)
No animals allowed
No vehicles (other than approved maintenance equipment)