Following today’s news that Danny Gosset has signed terms for next season, we spoke to Dan about his journey over the last 12 months, rehab plans and thanking the football family.

“There’s no words to describe the feeling of having that ‘All-Clear’” Danny emphasised when we asked him how he felt about receiving last week’s news.

“I’m absolutely delighted to have been given the go ahead from the bone specialists to start my rehab process. There’s a lot of work to do to get to where I want to be but I’m looking forward to the process and working along side Ffiona who is such fantastic physio.”

It’s been a rollercoaster of a 12 months for Danny who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma last summer but his determination and strength has led to him being given the green light to restart training after months of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and scans. Over the weekend, the Town management informed Danny that he is part of the 2020/21 plans so how much is he looking forward to returning to the pitch?

“I’m over the moon to be getting back to it and being amongst such a fantastic group of lads. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity, it will be a very special moment for me when the time comes to step out on to the football pitch again. I can’t wait to help the team out on the pitch in whatever way I can and strengthen an already very strong squad and hopefully repay the club for all the brilliant support and faith they’ve had in me over the last season” he told us.

Even though he couldn’t play his part on the pitch, Danny rarely missed any matches at Maes Tegid as he showed his team-mates his support as they aimed for European football. When asked if the dream of playing European football was part of his motivation, Gosset explained that he did find it difficult at times to watch from the sidelines but he has Europe in his sights!

“The lads have done fantastic and fully deserve the European spot. It’s been a big part of my motivation, during the treatment I tried to come down to support the lads at most of the home games last season when I could. It was great to watch the team and for my own morale/motivation although I must admit tough at times because I’ve been missing the game and couldn’t help the team out. It’s something I’ve often visualised and dreamt of getting back to playing so I can’t wait for that moment it will also be a great personal achievement” Danny said.


With training now on the agenda, rehabilitation is now Gosset’s focus. So what plans has he got in place for the next couple of weeks?

“The plan is to continue with rehab exercises to strengthen the leg muscles around the femur. I’ve been increasing my walking distance and plan to gradually increase distance and elevation when cycling. Then progress onto gradually introducing some jogging etc.”

He continued “I’ll be working closely with Ffi and the bone specialists. Hopefully things will continue to move in the right direction.”

Intrumental to Danny’s recovery has been the support of not just his Maes Tegid family but the wider Welsh football community who have all been rooting for him through messages via social media, holding events and fundraisers over the past twelve months. He had a special message for all those who have been there for him.

“It’s been a different type season for me and the support has been absolutely fantastic and knowing I had the love and support of so many people gave me inspiration and strength. I can’t thank the football family enough for the way they have been to me.”

“I’ve been overwhelmed by it all. It’s given me a huge boost at times and very humbling. I’m forever grateful to everyone for such incredible support! Thank you all. Football family ♥️⚫️⚪️” he concluded.

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