Due to Covid-19 and the extended suspension of football, we have created a home training programme to enable our players to keep a connection to football and to practice their techniques and work on their fitness from home.

Videos of the practices are available on Vimeo, search Bala Town Academy.

Download our Home Training guide here.

Please take care and if you require further support, please contact Carwyn Edwards, Head of Coaching and Academy.

Rhaglen Ymarfer Adref.

Oherwydd Covid-19 ag yr estyniad o gohirio pheldroed tan Ebrill 30ain, rydym wedi creu rhaglen ymarfer i’n chwaraewyr yr Academy cadw cysylltiad efo pel-droed ag gael ymarfer eu techneg a gweithio ar ei ffitrwydd o adref.

Llawrlwythwch ein Rhaglen Ymarfer yma.

Mae fideos o’r ymarferion ar gael ar Vimeo – Bala Town Academy.

Cymerwch ofal ag os ydych angen fwy o gymorth efo’r rhaglen, cysylltwch a Carwyn Edwards, Pennaeth Hyfforddi a’r Academi.

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