Game called off due to floodlight failure.

There seems to be deja-vu regarding floodlight failures and Bala Town this season….

For the third time this season, Bala Town were faced with a floodlight failure that brought an abrupt end to their WPL tv clash at Barry Town United.

Town started brilliantly, putting large amount of pressure on the home side. Kieran Smith’s header went wide from 5 yards after a good ball in from the left with two minutes on the clock.

The Lakesiders took the lead on 13 minutes as Henry Jones’ 25 yard freekick was headed back towards goal by Chris Venables which Steve Tames duly dispatched from close range to make it 1-0.

Following the Bala celebrations, half of Jenner Park was plunged into darkness as the floodlight control room was ablaze bringing the game to a stop.

Fifteen minutes of dicussions came to the conclusion for the game to be abandoned with the game now being re-arranged and Town’s start to the second phase halted once more.

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