Things didn’t go to plan on Saturday evening as Town’s visit to face Flint in the JD Welsh Cup was abandoned after four minutes of play.

The game has been re-arranged to take place on Tuesday evening at Flint with a 7.45p.m. kickoff. It will be free entry for all supporters. We cannot confirm at this stage whether kickoff will start at 0-0 or 0-1.

As Town were 1-0 up at the time, we thought we’d recap with a light hearted version of tonight’s events.

Bala’s trip to Cae y Castell was an eventful one on Saturday night with only four minutes played due to floodlight failure.

It was a very bright start for the Lakesiders who took the lead with only a minute on the clock.

Bala pylon-ed the pressure from the outset when Sean Smith lit up the wing and won Town a throw-in. Smith and Hayes switched the play which allowed Smith to show an electric burst of pace and put a brilliant cross into the box for Kieran Smith. Watt a goal it was as Smith surged towards the loose ball and powered low into the bottom corner.

Unfortunately on the restart, Flint was plunged into semi darkness and after an attempt to restart the floodlights which had already been off twice pre-kickoff, the referee had no choice but to blow his whistle and call the game off.

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