Everyone knows about the names of the people on the pitch at Maes Tegid… but do they know about the hardworking people behind the scenes?

We meet the people behind the scenes at Maes Tegid who devote their time of being a supporter of the Lakesiders in a series of interviews called ‘Who’s Who’.

Next up, meet Pete Spitzmaul

Tell us a bit about you!
I am a Bala boy who lived all of my home life a stone’s throw away from Maes Tegid. On leaving school, work took me away, and sadly I have no family left in Bala, but still many friends.

How long have you been watching the Bala Town? How did you start watching the Lakesiders and what made you start?
I started watching Bala back in the late 50’s early 60’s. At that time my late grandfather (Jimmy Mannion) was grounds man. He had played for Bala when the pitch was located on the current cricket field. They were in the old Cambrian Coast league when I started watching them.

What is your role at the Club? What do you do on a matchday?
I remain a keen supporter of the club, despite living now some 100 miles away, and join with the local band of supporters on match days. (Many of whom I grew up with, and even played with on the old Maes Tegid pitch).

How would you describe Bala Town F.C.?
It is closely knit and very homely club, and where you are always made to feel welcome.

What is your favourite moments following the Lakesiders and why?
The Europa League Play Off final at Port Talbot for one, which lead to the first & somewhat fairy tale journey into Europe. The first win over TNS in the Welsh Cup Final. Then all the European adventures which I have been fortunate enough to be part of. This was unimaginable during my days living at home, and playing local football.

Who do you think is the best player that has worn the Bala Town shirt over the period you have supported them and why?
Probably Mark Jones, bearing in mind he was probably still capable of playing at a higher level when he joined. He was also an ex Welsh full international. It would also be fair to say that he was one of the best around at the time, fully capable of taking a place in the TNS starting line up on a regular basis.

What does Bala Town mean to you?
My roots lie in the town. Football being my favourite sport, together with many happy memories from both playing & watching at Maes Tegid from an early age through to my late 20’s.

Which player signing has made you go ‘wow’ and why?
Again I would go for Mark Jones, as it was a massive coup at the time. We were still finding our feet both in the old 18 team league and then the 12 team version.

He I feel was the catalyst to what was to follow, and where we are now.

What do you think is the next step for Bala Town F.C.?
We continue to break records and achieve what was once an impossible dream. Getting through a European tie and getting closer to TNS, to at least make them sweat!

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