Everyone knows about the names of the people on the pitch at Maes Tegid… but do they know about the hardworking people behind the scenes?

We meet the people behind the scenes at Maes Tegid who devote their time of being not only a supporter of the Lakesiders but also a committee member in a series of interviews called ‘Who’s Who’.

Next up, meet Mark (helped out by Llion and Jac!)

Tell us a bit about you!
I’m Mark and married to Nia and we have two sons called Llion and Jac. We also have a cat called Giggs and a dog called Neli! I run the local butchers called Cigydd Bala Butcher in town and have done so for 10 years.

How long have you been watching the Bala Town? How did you start watching the Lakesiders and what made you start?
The reason I started watching Bala was because my eldest son Llion wanted to watch them and we have been supporting the lads for 6 years or so now. Before having children I hated football!

What is your role at the Club? What do you do on a matchday?
As well as being a committee member, I also steward at games when required.

How would you describe Bala Town F.C.?
Bala Town are a club on the up.

What is your favourite moments following the Lakesiders and why?
Our favourite moment by far is winning the Welsh Cup against The New Saints at Bangor.

Who do you think is the best player that has worn the Bala Town shirt over the period you have supported them and why?
I’d say the best player was Mark Connolly. As a family we sponsored him for three years and his freekicks were superb!

What does Bala Town mean to you?
Bala is a friendly club and we try to get to as many home and away games as we can so it means a lot to us. Llion and Jac are both in the Academy and say that the Bala squad are inspirations to them as players in the Academy.

Which player signing has made you go ‘wow’ and why?
Henry Jones and Danny Gosset have made an impression on us! They are two big name signings with good reputations so we hope they do as well here as they did at Fylde and Bangor.

What do you think is the next step for Bala Town F.C.?
Next step, win the WPL. Also a win over two games in Europe to go through to the next round is another step that the boys will no doubt make.

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