All the preparation is done and we now look forward to our Preliminary Round games against Tre Fiori.

To get to know a bit more about the San Marino outfit, Simone Feroli who is the chief editor of tells us all we need to know about our upcoming European opponents.

Tre Fiori is one of the teams of the Republic of San Marino.

San Marino is the oldest republic in the world: it was founded on September 3, 310 AD. It is located on Mount Titano and the ‘capital’ is City of San Marino.

San Marino is located in central-northern Italy: the language is Italian, the currency also, has a territorial extension of 61.19 km² populated by 33 328 inhabitants.

The historic center of the City of San Marino and Mount Titano have been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It is a diarchic republic. The Republic of San Marino is close to the sea and to Bologna, one of the largest cities in Italy.

Tre Fiori is part of a multi-sports club founded in 1949. The football section has won seven times the championship – the last time in 2011 – the national cup six times and the Federal Trophy four times, and is the most titled team of San Marine. For the Europa League they have signed Sossio Aruta, a striker born in 1970 and who recently took part in several TV shows and a football reality show: he has made 703 appearances and scored 363 career goals. Mirco Vassallo, an attacker born in 1993 from the Ligorno, club of the fourth Italian series, also arrived last week.

Last season, among the most important players, Marco Bernacci: born in 1983, he played in the Italian Serie A with, among many, the jerseys of Bologna and Turin.

They are a well organized team and, even if it has not won the championship for a few years, it is very tenacious and the game is lively and brilliant.

What else to add? We hope they are two good matches … and that the best will win!

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