Our series of ‘Who’s Who’ continues!

This week, it’s Life Vice President, Ted Edwards

Tell us a bit about you!
My name is Ted Edwards. I live in Llanuwchllyn with Buddug my wife of 51 years, we have 2 boys and a girl, all are by now adults. We have 6 grandchildren aged between 6 and 22.

My hobby over the years has been to follow Bala Town and enjoying visiting our children and grandchildren as often as possible.

Up until now I have lived nearly 40 years in Bala and 40 years in Llanuwchllyn. I ‘worked’ (ducking and diving) in flood defence from 1967 to 2004.

How long have you been watching the Bala Town? How did you start watching the Lakesiders and what made you start?
I first saw Bala Town play in the late 40’s as my Dad played for them, but it was 1967 before I was elected on the Football Committee. 1967 was a special year in my life, starting work with Dee & Clwyd River Board, elected on Bala Town F.C. committee and Buddug and I got married.

What is your role at the Club? What do you do on a matchday?
My role at the Club is very minimal at the moment, but before a match I iron my Club scarf and oil my rattle!!!

What is your favourite moments following the Lakesiders and why?
I think my best moment was at Bangor when we won the Welsh Cup. I also think back when we reached the Semi Final of the Welsh AM Cup at Kington against Cardiff College. We were having tea and toast in Shrewsbury when an elderly couple came in and said that they knew who we were, they had just heard it on the car radio – a proud moment.

Who do you think is the best player that has worn the Bala Town shirt over the period you have supported them and why?
The best player in my mind was my Dad (haha!).

Which player signing has made you go ‘wow’ and why?
Top of my list is Mark Jones and he is the player who made the wow factor.

What do you think is the next step for Bala Town F.C.?
How Colin can improve the team I don’t know. The ladder he has climbed with the team has only one ring left, good luck we’re all behind you.


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