Our series of ‘Who’s Who’ continues!

This week, it’s Josh and David Bullen

Tell us a bit about you!
David – I’m married to Emma (for 25 years), with our 3 children Josh, Ellie and Mollie and have lived in Llandderfel. I work for a Richard Williams builders merchants in Ruthin. My hobbies besides Bala Town are I’m obsessed with American Football and Manchester United.

Josh – I live with my mum and dad and 2 sisters. I work 3 mornings a week at Aykroyds pyjama factory. My hobbies are watching football and drinking beer!!

How long have you been watching the Bala Town? How did you start watching the Lakesiders and what made you start?
We’ve been watching Bala Town for about 4 years. We started watching Bala play after they first qualified for Europe after beating Port Talbot. We started going to games after deciding we’d rather watch and support local football rather than travel to Manchester.

What is your role at the Club? What do you do on a matchday?
We don’t have a role at the club other than to turn up on game days and support Colin, Steve and the lads.

How would you describe Bala Town F.C.?
Bala Town F.C. is a well run,friendly club who for the journey we’ve been on have achieved unbelievable and sustained success.

What is your favourite moments following the Lakesiders and why?
Our favourite moment is winning the Welsh cup last season against TNS, Josh enjoyed holding the trophy with Crumpy after the game.

Who do you think is the best player that has worn the Bala Town shirt over the period you ave supported them and why?
Anyone who knows Josh knows that the answer to this question is Ashley Morris (sorry Kizza!). Ash is an outstanding goalkeeper which has recently been confirmed by his selection for Wales C. Every game he recognises where Josh is and always comes to him to fist bump him, this makes Josh’s day.

What does Bala Town mean to you?
Bala Town is our hometown club and it fills us excitement on game days. We’ve missed a few games and are both gutted when this happens. We’re both proud to Bala Town supporters.

Which player signing has made you go ‘wow’ and why?
The signings of Venners and Les have to be the two signing considering the careers they had both had in the Welsh Premier to that point, both quality goal scorers.

Sum up this season thus far in one sentence?
Really good season that had a bad 5 game patch where we took 1 point from 15. More goals is a must next season.

What do you think is the next step for Bala Town F.C.?
A new club house for all the teams that use the facilities is a must going forward. On the pitch we need to get closer to TNS to push for trophies. Bala Town has been put on great standings both on and off the pitch by a dedicated group of people who deserve great credit and thanks.


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