If Town progress v Differdange, Town will play at the Cardiff City Stadium.

A decision has been made that if Town were to progress v FC Differdange then the second round home fixture v Trabzonspor will be played at the Cardiff City Stadium.

The Lakesiders would have preferred to play at Wrexham´s Racecourse Ground as it is close to home, but the Conference side cannot provide the necessary security plus Wrexham are playing Stoke City in a preseason friendly the night before so both Clubs would be unable to train the night before the fixture.

Speaking to BBC Wales, chief executive, Nigel Aykroyd, said:

“We´ve been mandated by the Welsh FA and by the police authorities that we would have to travel to Cardiff City Stadium.

“We´ve already signed a pre-match agreement along those lines.”

It is of course all hypothetical but plans have to be made incase we go through to Round 2 next week.

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